Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Young People

Balwant with child - acupuncture for babies, children and young peopleMany parents may think acupuncture is not suitable for treating their children despite the enormous benefits it can achieve.  However, paediatric acupuncture is growing in popularity within the western hemisphere as it is a gentle, safe and effective treatment for babies, children and young people for a range of conditions. When treating babies and young children the needles used are even finer than those used on adults, they are not retained but inserted and removed immediately.  In some cases it is not appropriate to use needles therefore other treatment methods may be used such as:

  • Shonishin – a specialised Japanese paediatric acupuncture method.  Gentle and non-invasive, using the techniques of light rubbing, tapping or brushing at specific acupuncture points or along channels.
  • Moxibustion – the application of warmth to points.
  • Acupressure, massage or Shen Dao cranial-sacral neck release therapy using gentle acupressure.

Some of these techniques can be taught to parents to use on children safely at home in between treatments.

Painting - acupuncture for babies, children and young peopleCommon complaints affecting babies such as colic, teething pains and night terrors, can be quickly and easily addressed by acupuncture.  As children grow, it is natural and healthy for them to learn to fight illness.  The challenges of common childhood complaints can contribute towards developing a healthy immune system.

However for some children symptoms such as a cough, earache or constipation can become recurrent, persistent and worse.  A weakened child can then become prone to further illness, resulting in a cycle of chronic health problems with possible repeated and long term dependence on medication such as antibiotics, inhalers and steroids.  Acupuncture can be particularly effective in this type of situation.

Teenage years are a classic time for imbalances to arise due to the rapid changes a young persons body undergoes.  This major transition is viewed as an opportunity from the perspective of  acupuncture to finally address new and long standing imbalances that can surface at this time such as acne, headaches, depression, stress and period pains.  Thereby supporting a young person through adolescence into healthy adulthood.

Acupuncture can be very effective in treating babies, children and young people with:

I also offer a preparation for and check up after vaccinations service.

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Here are some links to information on the website of Julian Scott PhD, MBAcC, who taught me paediatric acupuncture in Germany:
Eyebright Massage (PDF) – This booklet gives the massage techniques that bring energy to the eyes.  They are especially effective for short sight in children, but are of benefit in all eye conditions.
Qigong for the Chest (PDF) – A leaflet describing simple exercises to help chest problems.


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