Acupuncture in Manchester and Gatley, Cheadle, Cheshire

Balwant Kaur - Acupuncture in Manchester and Gatley, Cheadle, Cheshire

Balwant Kaur MBAcC
Member of the British Acupuncture Council


I practise acupuncture in Manchester and Gatley, Cheadle, Cheshire and have previously worked as an acupuncturist at Spire Manchester Hospital.  My practices are easily accessible from all areas of Greater Manchester and the North West.

My approach to treatment by acupuncture is gentle, safe, thorough and effective.  I am a highly experienced practitioner and at postgraduate level I have studied under some of the world’s most learned and respected teachers in the fields of advanced acupuncture, moxibustion and diagnosis skills.  As well as paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology and fertility support.  Within my general practice I skilfully treat a broad and complex range of chronic and acute health related difficulties.  These include respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, gynaecological, emotional/spiritual, and pain problems.

Painting - Acupuncture in Manchester and Gatley, Cheadle, CheshireI am a member of The Acupuncture Fertility Network and a founding member of The Acupuncture for Childbirth Team North West.  Alongside my general practice I have a specialist interest in using acupuncture to support Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postnatal Care.

I also offer specialised acupuncture for Babies, Children and Young People.  I have studied in-depth at postgraduate level various styles of paediatric acupuncture and am a parent myself.  I am adept at matching my approach to a child’s needs which includes using Shonishin, a gentle and non-invasive specialised Japanese paediatric acupuncture method.

I have a deep respect for the wealth of wisdom, knowledge and natural ethics contained within traditional acupuncture.  It is a healthcare system based on principles of Chinese medicine that originated over 2500 years ago.  As the oldest continually practised medical system in the world it has been used to restore, nourish and maintain good health for thousands of years in China, Japan and South East Asia.

Acupuncture is an evidence-based healthcare system that has been developed, researched and refined over centuries.  It is now practised all around the world and is increasingly recognised as an option within standard healthcare.

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